Automatic DMCA Takedown Service

Copyright Hero is an automatic Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown service for authors and digital product creators. We monitor video courses, audiobooks, books or music files and find all illegal copies. We then remove or hide them for you. This increases your sales and gives you more time to focus on creating content.

Please note: At the moment, we no longer offer our piracy protection service.

That being said, we offer an anti-piracy API for application developers. If you're developing a SaaS application or an online marketplace, this allows you to integrate anti-piracy right into your product, with a minimum of effort and no fixed costs.

We also offer customized anti-piracy web scraping services.

The Automatic DMCA Takedown Service Process

Your content is monitored 24/7 against piracy. A DMCA takedown notice is send as soon as a copyright infringement is encountered.

  • 1

    Monitoring Online Content - Discover

    We scan the web for copyright-infringing content. Our automatic system finds all illegal copies of your works. That could be movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, books, video courses etc.

  • 2

    Identifying Copyright Infringement - Verify

    After scanning for copyright infringement, we check and verify that the files found actually belong to your titles. We use a combination of automatic and manual checks.

  • 3

    Automatic DMCA Takedown Message - Takedown

    In case of copyright infringement our system automatically sends DMCA takedown messages to the filehoster. If that doesn’t work, we get the pirate site removed from Google.

  • 4

    Results Are What Matter - Report

    We provide you a monthly report with all the details of our anti-piracy efforts. You’ll be able to see statistics as well as a list of all stolen files.

Example: DMCA Takedown Results

A video course author sells a courses on his own website, at a price of $39.95. His sales volume is 90 / month. On average, when video course authors give us their titles to protect, we find and remove 114 files. Some products may suffer from piracy more; for some there are less files.

On average, protecting eBooks from piracy increases sales by 11-17% (here). We believe a similar or greater effect exists for video courses -- this is because the audience for video courses is more technologically literate, and more inclined towards piracy.

If we assume only a 10% benefit, then this would result in extra sales of $359.55 / month. Piracy protection will increase your revenue - with zero time investment on your part! You will receive monthly reports and statistics, and can also log into our website to check your piracy status at any time.

Scan with our anti-piracy tool for illegal copies

Are you sure that your work is not available for free download somewhere? We will check and find the stolen files. You will receive a full report, listing all the files. This is a free offer - no strings attached!

Copyright Hero is a great and affordable way to help protect my digital content from online piracy and has helped boost my sales. Lukas, the developer, provides professional service with great customer support. I would definitely recommend!

Chung Kan
Lead/Senior 3D Cinematic Character Artist. Author of 10 video courses

Your services are much appreciated.

Scott H. Young
Blogger, Entrepreneur & Author

We Provide Anti Piracy Protection for your Digital Content

Are people stealing your work?

You may have found your content on file sharing sites. Most pirates use upload services to share the files. That means that anyone can download your product, for free, with just one click.

You're losing sales, but are unsure why?

Most people are honest and want to support your work. However, when pirated content is easy to find, many people give in to the temptation and just download the pirated version. This can reduce your sales significantly.

Are they even selling your content?

Some pirates may even start selling your content on their websites. That way, you're not only losing sales, but your product helps pirates finance their activities.

You've spent hours trying to track down piracy?

You may have heard about DMCA takedown notices. By sending these notices, you can ask upload services to remove your content. If you've tried that, you will know that it's very difficult to do manually. It takes a lot of time because for each file, pirates will upload dozens of copies. You've certainly got better things to do!

Protecting Video Courses

We have worked with numerous video course authors over the years. Most pirated video courses are hosted on filehosters, which allow to up- and download files easily. Therefore, piracy on filehosters can be effectively removed - and we can do that for you.

Protecting eBooks

A 2015 study by the European Commission found that piracy hurts book sales, with a very high degree of certainty. The study also shows that eBook sales are especially affected, and that over 80% of eBook pirates would actually be willing to purchase the works.

Protecting Desktop Software and Mobile Apps

Lukas, the CEO and founder of Copyright Hero, has been selling his downloadable software online for 8 years. Desktop software and mobile apps are heavily affected by piracy, and can be effectively protected with our service.

Service for Publishers and Rights Management Organizations

We also work with large organizations. For example, we are working with CEDRO, the Spanish rightholders organization, to protect thousands of Spanish authors from piracy. If you are a publisher, or your organization represents rightholders, contact us. We can provide a customized anti-piracy solution for your particular needs.

Why Clients Choose Us

Copyright Hero is a fully automatic anti-piracy system for authors of eBooks, video courses and other digital products.

  • Copyright Hero scans the Internet, and finds stolen copies of your work.
  • Tell us the names of your products, and we’ll send you a free report, informing you about your piracy situation. The report will contain a complete list of files. Using our instructions, you can send complaint emails and get the files removed - all completely free.
  • Potential pirates will then search for free copies in vain. Many will just give up and buy your product.
  • We can also get the stolen files removed for you, allowing you to spend more time being creative and growing your business.
  • Your sales will increase
  • Our service is inexpensive, fully automatic, and can be cancelled at any time.

Our Service is risk-free

  • Your first report, with a complete list of files, is free.
  • 30 days money back guarantee: If you’re not happy with the results, you get a refund of the last month.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Personal Support and Custom Solutions

  • If you need any help then Lukas, the founder, will personally respond.
  • If you have a lot of titles to protect and need a custom solution for your organization, we can help you.

Effective Removal Strategy

  • We automatically send DMCA takedown notices to filehosters, asking them to remove the file. This is successful 80-90% of the time.
  • If a file cannot be removed that way, we get the links removed from Google. We also remove any sites that link to the file, effectively hiding it from potential pirates. We are a proud member of Google’s Trusted Copyright Removal Program. This status is awarded to anti-piracy agents who have a history of sending correct and reliable notices.
  • We manually check and verify copyright infringement, and our system is constantly improved to monitor the latest sources of piracy.

Years of Experience - Professional Service

  • Lukas, the founder, has 8 years of experience selling digital products on the Internet, and was affected by online piracy himself.
  • We have 4 years of experience in anti-piracy.
  • We have worked with a wide variety of creators: Some of our clients make video courses or write books, others produce software. We also work with large organizations. For example, we are working with CEDRO, the Spanish rightholders organization, to protect thousands of Spanish authors from piracy.

Who is behind Copyright Hero?

Copyright Hero was created by me, Lukas Trötzmüller. I've been developing and selling downloadable software since 2010. Piracy always had a big influence on my sales, revenue would drop whenever a new pirated version became available.

I then developed a system to find and remove the pirated files from the internet. It solved the problem, sales increased and remained stable ever since. That system was soon used by other creators - not only software companies, but also book and video course authors.

Lukas Trötzmüller founder of Copyrighthero an automatic DMCA takedown service