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For Developers of Anti-Piracy Software and Content Protection Solutions

Copyright Hero is an automatic Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown service for authors and digital product creators. We monitor video courses, audiobooks, books or music files and find all illegal copies. We then remove or hide them. This increases sales.

Our technology is now available for third-party developers to use via an API (application programming interface). This API is in closed beta. Contact us to get access - we offer a free tier, so you can test and develop at zero cost.

Who is this for?

Developers of Anti-Piracy solutions face some common tasks that are time-consuming to implement. For example, given a list of files, your system needs to identify their status (online / offline), the filename (e.g., and the filesize. Furthermore, if your system has identified a pirated file, you want to send DMCA takedowns or remove a site from Google search results. This is time-consuming to implement. By using our API, all of these routine tasks become trivial. This allows you to build your solution much faster.

If you're running a marketplace for digital products, and those products are reasonably popular, then it is almost certain they will get pirated sooner or later. You may want to offer your creators a way to detect pirated copies of their files. Our system allows you to do that, and can be integrated with your platform seamlessly. You simply send one call to our API and receive a list of stolen files.

If your organization is representing rightholders, we offer your IT team a way to quickly integrate anti-piracy functions into your systems. You save time and reduce your cost, and you get maximum flexibility - you only pay for your actual usage.

You don't need programming skills to use our API. We offer a web dashboard that gives you access to all functionality.

List of Features provided by our anti-piracy API

DMCA Sending API

You submit a list of pirated files, your name, and titles of the pirated products.

We send DMCA notices to try and get the file removed. We can do this for 1.100 websites and filehosters. Keep in mind that many pirates use a small number of specific filehosters. Therefore, these 1.100 filehosters cover most piracy on the internet!

API for Removal of Pirate Sites from Bing and Google

You submit a list of pirated files, your name, and titles of the pirated products.

We get in touch with Google and Bing, asking them to remove the pirate sites from their search results.

We are a proud member of Google’s Trusted Copyright Removal Program. We have a history of sending correct and reliable notices, and Google processes our DMCA notices quickly -- usually within 24 hours.

Pirated Files Search API

You submit a list of works, including the author names. These works can be video courses, software or books. After a few minutes, you get back a complete list of stolen files.

Please note that this functionality is only licensed for use in anti-piracy solutions. We do not provide API access to pirate sites.

Extract Data from Online Piracy Communities

Rightholders frequently find many of their products pirated on a small number of websites.

We give you a personalized feed with data from all these websites. This is updated hourly and includes all new postings that have been made on these websites, including download links. We detect download links even if pirates attempt to hide them behind redirect links or captchas.

This feed is configured according to your requirements. You can use the data to detect piracy or launch investigations. While downloading this data, we take privacy seriously: The information is stored and processed according to EU GDPR regulations, and personally identifiable information is omitted.

Determining Filenames and Online / Offline Status

Given a list of files, our system tells you within seconds whether the files are online or offline.

If the file is online, you also receive the filename and the DMCA email address of the particular website or filehoster. This makes it easy for you to send your DMCA complaints. You can also use our API to send the complaints.

Solving Redirect Links and Link-Hiding Schemes

Pirates frequently use link-hiding services to prevent their stolen files from being discovered. These might require you to wait ("wait 10 seconds to access this page") or fill out captchas ("enter these digits to prove you're human"):

We can solve most of these redirects and link-hiding schemes, and give you the clear URL.


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