Anti-Piracy Web Scraping

For Anti-Piracy Agencies, Publishers and Rightholder Organizations

Do you represent rightholders? Are you publishing a large number of titles? Are you doing your own anti-piracy work and research?

Do you frequently need to scrape data from pirate sites, both private and public?

We have five years of experience in the anti-piracy field, including several years working with CEDRO, the Spanish rightholders organization.

We offer you a customized scraping and data extraction service, covering a wide range of usecases:

  • You would like to download entire pirate communites for later analysis.
  • You see a large number of your works shared on a particular website, and would like to get a comprehensive report.
  • Your organization is attempting to report pirate sites to law enforcement, and you require a backup archive of the entire site.
  • Pirates hide their files behind redirect links, and you want to get a list of all files. We can work around any form of protection, including captchas and complex redirect links, at an affordable price.


List of features provided by our web scraping service

  • Downloading entire pirate sites
  • Retrieving a list of all files shared on a particular website
  • Circumvention of anti-scraping technology
  • Matching of posts on pirate sites with your reportoire
  • Providing comprehensive reports on pirate activity on particular sites

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Anti-Piracy Web Scraping and Data Extraction