List of DMCA email addresses for Cyberlockers

When you publish eBooks, video courses or downloadable software, at one point or another your work will be pirated. That's almost guaranteed.

Pirates usually use so-called cyberlockers to distribute the stolen content. These are easy-to-use upload services that allow sharing of reasonably large files. The stolen content is usually packed into RAR archives and stored on multiple cyberlockers. Each file gets a unique URL from the Cyberlockers, and the pirates then publish those filehoster links on their sites.

The good thing is that most of these cyberlockers react very quickly to copyright complaints. So if you contact them, asking for removal, they will most likely respond and take the files down. Your message needs to be worded according to the DMCA (digital millenium copyright act), and we provide a free DMCA template that you can use.

To contact these cyberlockers, you need to write to the right email address or fill out special contact forms. To make this easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most popular cyberlockers and instructions how to contact their DMCA department.

Cyberlockers are also known as "file hosting services", "cloud storage services" or "online file storage providers".