Is it possible to remove copyrighted files from torrents?

When your copyrighted work gets pirated, there are usually several different distribution channels that pirates use.

The two most important ones are cyberlockers and torrents. Cyberlockers are services allowing the free sharing of individual files, and pirates usually link to those cyberlockers (so they don't have to pay for the storage). Torrents are a method of distributing files peer-to-peer, which means that everyone who downloads also distributes the material.

It is easy to combat cyberlocker piracy: Most of these filehosters ofter an abuse reporting system, and take down pirated files quickly.

Fighting torrent piracy is somewhat more challenging. Here's what to do:

Step 1: When you become aware of one torrent, insert the name of that torrent into Google, to find additional sites at which the same torrent might be listed. Make a note of all of these cases.

Step 2: Go through your list, and search the torrent sites for an "Abuse" or "DMCA" link. Send complaints to all of these sites. Use our DMCA notice template to make sure your complaint is in the right format.

Step 3: Report all of the torrent sites to Google, asking them to remove them from their search results. Click here to learn how to remove infringing sites from Google search results.


Finally, make sure that you fight cyberlocker piracy first. Many people don't know how to use torrents or are concerned about the legal risks (which are, in most jurisdictions, significantly higher when downloading from torrents). Therefore, the most important part of your anti-piracy strategy should be those cyberlockers. And when you do a good job at fighting these, your sales will increase.